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          Changle good housekeeping Property Management Co., Ltd.

          ABOUT US

              Shandong Good House Property Management Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Leroy Group Co., Ltd. The company was established in January 17, 2011, is a national property management three enterprise qualification, two professional qualification of service property management company.     The company is located in No. 6705 Fangshan Road, Changle County, north of the county bus station, Jiale home supermarket, east of bilingual primary school, Yucai kindergarten, Changle one (middle school, high school), west of the county office building, civic culture and sports square. The nature of the enterprise is limited liability company, belongs to the service industry. Covers an area of 80 square meters, construction area of 329.74 square meters. Has 23 employees, consists of 2 a room, the manager's office, the Ministry of Information Management, the Department of Finance Services.     At present, the company mainly to Fu Rong family a, two to provide property management. The management of the Fu Rong family a district has won the Weifang City property management demonstration projects, municipal gardens area.   【 More

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