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          Qingdao Lehua Technology Co., Ltd.

          ABOUT US

          Qingdao Lehua Technology Co., Ltd. is the Shandong Leroy Group, directly under the scientific research units, was founded in 2004 August 8, the registered capital of 8 million yuan. Company is located in the national Torch Program, Qingdao new materials industry base in the industrial park, set product development, personnel training, market development as one, is music of the Group of scientific research, pilot base. Laboratory building area of ??2000 square meters, testing equipment and laboratory equipment, production capacity of 3,000 tons / a. The company attaches great importance to R & D investment and personnel training and the introduction of the past 10 years has formed an old, in the three-green combination of technical team. Annual investment in research and development costs accounted for more than 6% of total sales, the past three... 【 More

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