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          Shandong Lehua Paint Industry Co., Ltd.

          ABOUT US

          Shandong Lehua Paint Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, the total assets of more than 500 million yuan, more than 650 employees, production and marketing paint, packaging products and services in one package, is a trans-regional, cross-sectoral large enterprises. The company has won the honorary title of "National Contract and Credit Promise Enterprise", "Top 500 Chinese Chemical Industry in 2011", "AAA Grade Credit Enterprise in Coating Industry", "Advanced Civilian Enterprise in Shandong Province" and "National High-tech Enterprise". The company is currently the country&#39;s largest paint production enterprises, mainly produces alkyd varnish, alkyd paint, alkyd enamel, the external walls of latex paint, acrylic paint, epoxy anti-corrosion coatings, chlorinated rubber anticorrosive paint, colored high-temperature paint, Glass paint, fluorescent paint, oil... 【 More

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